Thursday, November 22, 2007

Children See! Children Do!


Description: As I perform for families I see many situations where children are influenced by the adults around them... not always in a good way. This short advert, produced by an Australian organization, carries the message ... be a positive and good influence... as CHILDREN SEE... CHILDREN DO!

By: Bobby Loonie in LOONIE-PALOOZA

I really am totally agreed with Bobby that not always in a good way for children to see the adults have had bad experienced around the world. DON'T LET children see YOU are having bad situation experience...


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dialogue of Dookie and Braz

Created by: Braz
Self-portrait Photographed by: PiZZaDreaMs

This is old dialogue of Dookie and Braz for Creative Writing class in 2002-2003.

Narrator: Taking side of David, expressing his emotions. Setting- Coffee shop. Brandon & David meet and join at table and talk about the future.

Braz: Hi.

Dookie: Hi.

Narrator: Dookie is worried about the future and where he's goin to be in 5 years.

Braz: So, high school is over in 6 days? What are you plans?

Dookie: Not really sure. I am still trying to figure that out.

Braz: Well, at least it's over.

Dookie: Thank God for that. We don't have to deal with all the rude people of that school.

Braz: Why are you being so negative?

Dookie: I am sick of people treating as like we are dumb because we can't hear.

Narrator: Dookie has always felt like the hearing world thinks that the deaf are not as intelligent as them.

Braz: Why do you let things like that get to you? We all live in the same world.

Narrator: Dookie frustrated.

Dookie: When I first got to high school everyone was nice and wanted to learn to sign then as time went on. They didn't care anymore and didn't talk to me, and occasionally wrote letters, but then I got excluded because everyone would talk, and I wouldn't understand.

Braz: Well, that's happen to me too, but you just have to learn to let things go, because that will help you better in life.

Narrator: Dookie is glad he has such a good friend that helps him out.

Dookie: Thanks, Braz.

Braz: You're welcome. Now where is that waiter?

-The End-


Brandon Coffey as Braz
David Davis as Dookie

Writer & Narrator by: Ariola Paja

Story & Actor by: Brandon Coffey and David Davis

Thanks to Ariola Paja

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Got Braz?: Go Green! Literary Nonsense or Just Not Fucking Making Sense!

Go green, but not just go green for recycle! Go green means you are loving the green color in the fantastic imagination of world. There are many greens in the world. The sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yellow, the cloud is white, the storm is gray, the night is dark blue or black, the star is white or yellow, the tree is green, the trunk of the tree is brown, the rock is brown, the water is blue, the sand is tan, the flowers are variety of colors and the world is ball. The world is circle. The world is world. The world is earth. The earth is planet. The planet is earth. The planet is circle. The planet is ball.

Braz: Go green!

Unknown: Where is the green?

Braz: Go green!

Unknown: Shut up, asshole!

Braz: What is that?

Unknown: Whatever!

Braz: No. Go green!

Unknown: Is it just recycle?

Braz: Ha-ha! You're jerking funny!

Unknown: Okie donkey!

Braz: Go green, you fucker!

Unknown: What do you mean "Go green!", pussy?

Braz: Go fucking green, bitches!

Unknown: I don't get it!

Braz: Go green!

Unknown: I am not fucking "Go green"!

Braz: Britney said so what you are the fucking bastard, don't you, Go Green?

Unknown: Excuse me, Chris Crocker, aren't you?

Braz: Go Chris Crocker Green!

Unknown: Huh?! I don't ever understand you, Mr. Go 'Chris Crocker' Green!

Braz: I like green peppers! Go green!

Unknown: Oh.... You seem to like that mean green is everything in the world.

Braz: Yeah, Go green!

Unknown: Look! I am not "Go green" as ever don't call me again.

Braz: Okay! Go green! Cheers!

Unknown: Fuck you! Green bye!

The pens, markers, pencils and the scissor is piece of green in the red plastic cup on the table; as it next to the laptop is Toshiba company while I am typewriting on the computer, and the modem is black so black called Motorola. It many green lights on. My hands are typewriter as well as fingers movement--typing on this laptop where I am sitting on the computer right now. I am gazing the living room, television is black where the candle is on top next right to the black cabinet where the bowl fish is Betta fish with yellow mirror, and the couch is small that I’ve ever. It’s no room for me when the dog is lying down or just sleeping on the couch. (Sighing) I should not sit on that couch shit, but I just need a sit. I live here in the apartment right now. You even don't know me, but I am gonna telling you what is going on. The girl dog is wild as seems like horny dog, but she is not a hornier, and she's just panicky to listen something noise by outside everywhere to make noises are bothering her ears. She is jumping in all the time and as faster as she could go! I feel like this girl dog is the Flash dog for now?!

I am sitting here for all day till afternoon about 3 o'clock. I still am tired and I've not asleep enough on my bed in the earlier morning when the Flash dog went into my room and jumped on my face or my body. What the hell...! Oh! It's the Flash dog! My roommate opened the door a little, but at least the Flash dog could get in the room! Get off my face ass! I was cranking in the green blanket and I have had to get stand up from the black mattress on floor. God! I am dizzied and I walked in the through hall from my door and I found feces and pees on the carpet. Not again! I've cleaned all the whole time like this shit feces and pees!? Geez!

Go green!

I guess that all I am trying to say something else. I've ever known this literary nonsense or just not fucking making sense to you all guys, bloggers and visitors.

Thanks for reading!