Saturday, December 13, 2008

In Loving Memory of Bernie Coffey

-December 13, 2008-

In the early morning around 7 a.m., my mom wakes me up, Bernie had cried a shout that had made my mom wake up. I am very grievously crying at the Cheyenne Tonopah Animal Hospital when Bernie has put to sleep, I hold his head looking at me, and I also am saying to him, "Don't worry, it will be alright, come on in with me. I love you Bernie". He passed away at about 9:10-9:30a.m. Bernie didn't look afraid to go. My step dad cried with me when he got the shot to put him to sleep. I am so glad he's in a peaceful place right now. I'm still feeling bad about him being gone, but it was the best thing for him.

The Last Day Being With Bernie in This Photos:

Bernie Coffey [1997-2008]

Bernie Coffey was born on September 10, 1997. My step dad bought a beagle puppy for my mom on Christmas, but she didn't want that kind of dog, and about a few months or a year later, they gave to me. I owned Bernie the beagle dog in my heart. I've never forgotten that day, he came to a new home in December. We named him Bernie. My younger sister, half-brother, and I played with Bernie around the house, such cute memories! He was so excited and curious of the house, a few years later, he loved my bed so much that he always came into my bedroom and stayed with me.
Yesterday, I arrived my parents' house from my best friend's apartment, when I came to the backyard door was locked, and I looked through the window on the door and Bernie looked up at me. So, I decided to enter through the dog door and crawled toward him. He seemed so surprised to see that I was there for him!

I went to get my camera digital, and I took pictures with Bernie.

I kissed his head because I love him so much!

Look at him!

Real Nike symbol on his neck.

In Loving Memory:

Coming more pictures soon.