Friday, February 29, 2008

Vincent Fantauzzo Inspires Me!

The handsome artist man named Vincent Fantauzzo inspires me a lot since I saw his artwork of "Heath". He created the last painting of late actor Heath Ledger, just one day before he died. I received the ink was barely dry on this painting when Heath Ledger was found dead. Vincent was just putting the finishing touches on his painting of the star at his Docklands on Tuesday. An one day later he found out Heath Ledger had died. I am shocked that there's a really legend about Heath Ledger, he sat for Fantauzzo on his last visit home to Perth in December, the painting depicts the notoriously private actor as three separate images; and the central, largest, image is of Ledger, bare chested, looking straight ahead, appearing pained and exhausted. I love that two background images are Ledger wearing humorous expressions, whispering into the ears of his foreground image.

Vincent Fantauzzo said he felt privileged to have worked with Ledger. "Heath was a very private person, which is one of the reasons I was so honored that he allowed me to paint him," He told reporters. He was so easy and professional to work with. He didn't need any direction, (he was) absolutely focused. Once done, he was back to his usual charismatic self."

Ledger’s childhood friend, hip hop artist N’fa, told Channel Ten News the actor couldn’t wait to see the finished work. “He was very excited about it. He was very excited to see the finished product,” N’fa said.

N’fa said the picture had captured Ledger perfectly.

“This is the way he always was. He was always a thought ahead. He was the hardest person to play chess against.”

The photo is so lifelike and brilliant in the story that it tells of what Heath was like in his final days.

Go to visit Vincent's Home page, click this link:

Vincent Fantauzzo - Artist home page

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Got Comedy?: Rat*Pirate's Secret!

Busted Amber!

Amber lounges with a sexiest Anubis waiters in Nile River side in Egypt.

Isn't she in Egypt?

Why did she bared all over her body in Nile River?!

Oh, my gosh!


Nobody knows! She's such a secretly person! How talent she is! She
(Amber has not been there in Egypt in real life.) has been traveled in Egypt after she painted a sleepy rat portrait on canvas. (She loves Egypt a lot, you will notice her artworks of the most Egypt, Aztec and Chinese styles. Click this link: Rat*Pirate) She seems so smug like this:

Gasping! Look at her face! She's staring at you....

How did she got smugged?!

Oh, boy! Nope. She just proud of her painted canvas that she did. You idiot! Wait a minute.... I am just kidding with you, guys!

(Laughing out loud!)

I Got You!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Heath" is a Legend.

This is Australian artist Vincent Fantauzzo painted portrait of Heath Ledger.

A portrait of the late Heath Ledger is a contender for Australia's esteemed Archibald Prize, one of the most prominent art prizes in the country. It was painted by the actor's friend, Vincent Fantauzzo.
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Friday, February 08, 2008

Got Art?: Year of the Rat 2008

At the beginning, I started to draw a rat of the year presence last night spent with my best friend Amber, and I stayed at her house for a week on her birthday previous was 5th. Yesterday was 7th of the Rat Year. We have had struggled with ideas for the joy year of the Rat.

I am too soon accomplishing this Chinese rat's clothes and smoking pipe in the hole as circle-looking, almost finishing as not yet...

I am accomplishing whole of this picture I drew at a time... I used the color pencils and blending shades in the all over of its.

This is looking how able we work on project for the Rat year. Three images are how we work with art supplies, books and stuff.

[Not allowed to stealing their talent artists' artworks! Warning! These are Copyrights!]

This is Amber's drawing rat alike Egyptian style as presence, but at this time is Chinese rat of the year.
Amber Horner and Braz Coffey

We proved to YOU is believing us as real artists here.