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Rowling's outing of Dumbledore lauded

With files from AP

In the biggest outing in the entertainment industry since Ellen DeGeneres (did anyone care that much about Lance Bass or Neil Patrick Harris?), J.K. Rowling has revealed that Dumbledore, Harry Potter's late headmaster, was in love with a man.

The revelation, which came at a Q&A session after a reading at Carnegie Hall in New York on Friday night and was met with cheers, has left some Canadian Potter fans confused.

"It seems weird that she revealed it outside the context of the story," says Sarah Charlton, a 25-year-old consultant in Toronto who was one of the hundreds who lined up to be among the first to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in July. "If it was important to her, I feel she should have put it in the book."

Charlton devoured the last book in its entirety the night it came out.

(I found it from, and the other about Dumbledore at Yahoo News, click here.)

She says it's especially odd, given the fact that Deathly Hallows concerned itself largely with the relationship between Dumbledore and the evil wizard Grindelwald, the object, as Rowling explained it, of Dumbledore's affections.

"I think the interesting question is why she left it out," says Andrew Braithwaite, 26, Charlton's fiancée, another series-long fan of the books. "I think the reason is that she didn't want a controversy swirling around the book." Asked if he will now go back over the books and read Dumbledore's character in this new light, he says, "I think the fact that she didn't include it in the book means that I don't have to consider it. If it was really that important, she wouldn't have just introduced it like that, post facto."

Gellert Grindelwald was a dark wizard of great power, who terrorized people much in the same way Harry's nemesis, Lord Voldemort, was to do a generation later. Readers hear of him in the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. In Deathly Hallows, readers learn they once had been best friends.

"Neither Dumbledore nor Grindelwald ever seems to have referred to this brief boyhood friendship in later life," Rowling writes. "However, there can be no doubt that Dumbledore delayed, for some five years of turmoil, fatalities, and disappearances, his attack upon Gellert Grindelwald. Was it lingering affection for the man or fear of exposure as his once best friend that caused Dumbledore to hesitate?"

Potter readers had speculated about Dumbledore, noting that he has no close relationship with women and a mysterious, troubled past.

"Falling in love can blind us to an extent," Rowling said Friday, adding that Dumbledore was "horribly, terribly let down."

Wayson Choy, the Trillium Award-winning writer who quietly assumed the unofficial position as Canada's premier gay novelist after Timothy Findley's death, disagrees, saying Rowling's announcement is of enormous importance.

"She's taking a major leap in bringing human history up to date," he says from his Toronto home, where he's working on his latest memoir. "It means that she has the courage to suggest that even in children's books, the real world, with its adult intrigues, can be respected by children. I think her revealing this is why her characters have some kind of third dimension that we don't know about entirely, but is always there, that makes them more vivid than cartoon characters.

"She's honouring the complexity of the human being," he says, "and no child should be deprived of that truth."

Rowling Reads at IFOA

Who: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling

What: She will read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as part of the 28th International Festival of Authors (IFOA)

Where: Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, the only Canadian stop of her first North American tour in seven years.

When: At 10 a.m., Tue. Oct. 23

Why: To take questions from fans and sign complimentary copies of the Deathly Hallows for all 950 in attendance

How: Tickets (now gone) were free through a series of random draws and lotteries.

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The Similar Boys: Big Boy & Astro Boy

(Big Boy is a company restaurant and Astro Boy is an Anime animation.)

I headed to Apple Valley with my family when I saw a 'Big Boy' restaurant, and it had given me a cogitative about Astro Boy seems like Big Boy. I called it "The Similar Boys". I seemed to remember that I watched the show of Astro Boy for a short time to see it. Don't you think those the similar boys alike they are?

Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll was an English author, his most famous writing is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and all considered to be within the genre of literary nonsense.

I thought I would post this of his book, Through the Looking-Glass, because it's fascinating story. If you want to continue reading it and you can go to Classic Reader, click it.

Have an enjoy day!

Chapter I: Looking-Glass house

One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it:--it was the black kitten's fault entirely. For the white kitten had been having its face washed by the old cat for the last quarter of an hour (and bearing it pretty well, considering); so you see that it couldn't have had any hand in the mischief.

The way Dinah washed her children's faces was this: first she held the poor thing down by its ear with one paw, and then with the other paw she rubbed its face all over, the wrong way, beginning at the nose: and just now, as I said, she was hard at work on the white kitten, which was lying quite still and trying to purr--no doubt feeling that it was all meant for its good.

But the black kitten had been finished with earlier in the afternoon, and so, while Alice was sitting curled up in a corner of the great arm-chair, half talking to herself and half asleep, the kitten had been having a grand game of romps with the ball of worsted Alice had been trying to wind up, and had been rolling it up and down till it had all come undone again; and there it was, spread over the hearth-rug, all knots and tangles, with the kitten running after its own tail in the middle.

`Oh, you wicked little thing!' cried Alice, catching up the kitten, and giving it a little kiss to make it understand that it was in disgrace. `Really, Dinah ought to have taught you better manners! You ought, Dinah, you know you ought!' she added, looking reproachfully at the old cat, and speaking in as cross a voice as she could manage--and then she scrambled back into the arm-chair, taking the kitten and the worsted with her, and began winding up the ball again. But she didn't get on very fast, as she was talking all the time, sometimes to the kitten, and sometimes to herself. Kitty sat very demurely on her knee, pretending to watch the progress of the winding, and now and then putting out one paw and gently touching the ball, as if it would be glad to help, if it might.

`Do you know what to-morrow is, Kitty?' Alice began. `You'd have guessed if you'd been up in the window with me--only Dinah was making you tidy, so you couldn't. I was watching the boys getting in sticks for the bonfire--and it wants plenty of sticks, Kitty! Only it got so cold, and it snowed so, they had to leave off. Never mind, Kitty, we'll go and see the bonfire to-morrow.' Here Alice wound two or three turns of the worsted round the kitten's neck, just to see how it would look: this led to a scramble, in which the ball rolled down upon the floor, and yards and yards of it got unwound again.

`Do you know, I was so angry, Kitty,' Alice went on as soon as they were comfortably settled again, `when I saw all the mischief you had been doing, I was very nearly opening the window, and putting you out into the snow! And you'd have deserved it, you little mischievous darling! What have you got to say for yourself? Now don't interrupt me!' she went on, holding up one finger. `I'm going to tell you all your faults. Number one: you squeaked twice while Dinah was washing your face this morning. Now you can't deny it, Kitty: I heard you! What that you say?' (pretending that the kitten was speaking.) `Her paw went into your eye? Well, that's your fault, for keeping your eyes open--if you'd shut them tight up, it wouldn't have happened. Now don't make any more excuses, but listen! Number two: you pulled Snowdrop away by the tail just as I had put down the saucer of milk before her! What, you were thirsty, were you?
How do you know she wasn't thirsty too? Now for number three: you unwound every bit of the worsted while I wasn't looking!

`That's three faults, Kitty, and you've not been punished for any of them yet. You know I'm saving up all your punishments for Wednesday week--Suppose they had saved up all my punishments!' she went on, talking more to herself than the kitten. `What would they do at the end of a year? I should be sent to prison, I suppose, when the day came. Or--let me see--suppose each punishment was to be going without a dinner: then, when the miserable day came, I should have to go without fifty dinners at once! Well, I shouldn't mind that much! I'd far rather go without them than eat them!

`Do you hear the snow against the window-panes, Kitty? How nice and soft it sounds! Just as if some one was kissing the window all over outside. I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again." And when they wake up in the summer, Kitty, they dress themselves all in green, and dance about--whenever the wind blows--oh, that's very pretty!' cried Alice, dropping the ball of worsted to clap her hands. `And I do so wish it was true! I'm sure the woods look sleepy in the autumn, when the leaves are getting brown.

`Kitty, can you play chess? Now, don't smile, my dear, I'm asking it seriously. Because, when we were playing just now, you watched just as if you understood it: and when I said "Check!" you purred! Well, it was a nice check, Kitty, and really I might have won, if it hadn't been for that nasty Knight, that came wiggling down among my pieces. Kitty, dear, let's pretend--' And here I wish I could tell you half the things Alice used to say, beginning with her favourite phrase `Let's pretend.' She had had quite a long argument with her sister only the day before --all because Alice had begun with `Let's pretend we're kings and queens;' and her sister, who liked being very exact, had argued that they couldn't, because there were only two of them, and Alice had been reduced at last to say, `Well, you can be one of them then, and I'll be all the rest.' And once she had really frightened her old nurse by shouting suddenly in her ear, `Nurse! Do let's pretend that I'm a hungry hyaena, and you're a bone.'

But this is taking us away from Alice's speech to the kitten. `Let's pretend that you're the Red Queen, Kitty! Do you know, I think if you sat up and folded your arms, you'd look exactly like her. Now do try, there's a dear!' And Alice got the Red Queen off the table, and set it up before the kitten as a model for it to imitate: however, the thing didn't succeed, principally, Alice said, because the kitten wouldn't fold its arms properly. So, to punish it, she held it up to the Looking-glass, that it might see how sulky it was--`and if you're not good directly,' she added, `I'll put you through into Looking-glass House. How would you like that?'

`Now, if you'll only attend, Kitty, and not talk so much, I'll tell you all my ideas about Looking-glass House. First, there's the room you can see through the glass--that's just the same as our drawing room, only the things go the other way. I can see all of it when I get upon a chair--all but the bit behind the fireplace. Oh! I do so wish I could see that bit! I want so much to know whether they've a fire in the winter: you never can tell, you know, unless our fire smokes, and then smoke comes up in that room too--but that may be only pretence, just to make it look as if they had a fire. Well then, the books are something like our books, only the words go the wrong way; I know that, because I've held up one of our books to the glass, and then they hold up one in the other room.

`How would you like to live in Looking-glass House, Kitty? I wonder if they'd give you milk in there? Perhaps Looking-glass milk isn't good to drink--But oh, Kitty! now we come to the passage. You can just see a little peep of the passage in Looking-glass House, if you leave the door of our drawing-room wide open: and it's very like our passage as far as you can see, only you know it may be quite different on beyond. Oh, Kitty! how nice it would be if we could only get through into Looking- glass House! I'm sure it's got, oh! such beautiful things in it!

Let's pretend there's a way of getting through into it, somehow, Kitty. Let's pretend the glass has got all soft like gauze, so that we can get through. Why, it's turning into a sort of mist now, I declare! It'll be easy enough to get through--' She was up on the chimney-piece while she said this, though she hardly knew how she had got there. And certainly the glass was beginning to melt away, just like a bright silvery mist.

In another moment Alice was through the glass, and had jumped lightly down into the Looking-glass room. The very first thing she did was to look whether there was a fire in the fireplace, and she was quite pleased to find that there was a real one, blazing away as brightly as the one she had left behind. `So I shall be as warm here as I was in the old room,' thought Alice: `warmer, in fact, because there'll be no one here to scold me away from the fire. Oh, what fun it'll be, when they see me through the glass in here, and can't get at me!'

Then she began looking about, and noticed that what could be seen from the old room was quite common and uninteresting, but that all the rest was a different as possible. For instance, the pictures on the wall next the fire seemed to be all alive, and the very clock on the chimney-piece (you know you can only see the back of it in the Looking-glass) had got the face of a little old man, and grinned at her.

`They don't keep this room so tidy as the other,' Alice thought to herself, as she noticed several of the chessmen down in the hearth among the cinders: but in another moment, with a little `Oh!' of surprise, she was down on her hands and knees watching them. The chessmen were walking about, two and two!

`Here are the Red King and the Red Queen,' Alice said (in a whisper, for fear of frightening them), `and there are the White King and the White Queen sitting on the edge of the shovel--and here are two castles walking arm in arm--I don't think they can hear me,' she went on, as she put her head closer down, `and I'm nearly sure they can't see me. I feel somehow as if I were invisible--'

Here something began squeaking on the table behind Alice, and made her turn her head just in time to see one of the White Pawns roll over and begin kicking: she watched it with great curiosity to see what would happen next.

`It is the voice of my child!' the White Queen cried out as she rushed past the King, so violently that she knocked him over among the cinders. `My precious Lily! My imperial kitten!' and she began scrambling wildly up the side of the fender.

`Imperial fiddlestick!' said the King, rubbing his nose, which had been hurt by the fall. He had a right to be a little annoyed with the Queen, for he was covered with ashes from head to foot.
Alice was very anxious to be of use, and, as the poor little Lily was nearly screaming herself into a fit, she hastily picked up the Queen and set her on the table by the side of her noisy little daughter.

The Queen gasped, and sat down: the rapid journey through the air had quite taken away her breath and for a minute or two she could do nothing but hug the little Lily in silence. As soon as she had recovered her breath a little, she called out to the White King, who was sitting sulkily among the ashes, `Mind the volcano!'

`What volcano?' said the King, looking up anxiously into the fire, as if he thought that was the most likely place to find one.

`Blew--me--up,' panted the Queen, who was still a little out of breath. `Mind you come up--the regular way--don't get blown up!'

Alice watched the White King as he slowly struggled up from bar to bar, till at last she said, `Why, you'll be hours and hours getting to the table, at that rate. I'd far better help you, hadn't I?' But the King took no notice of the question: it was quite clear that he could neither hear her nor see her.

So Alice picked him up very gently, and lifted him across more slowly than she had lifted the Queen, that she mightn't take his breath away: but, before she put him on the table, she thought she might as well dust him a little, he was so covered with ashes.

She said afterwards that she had never seen in all her life such a face as the King made, when he found himself held in the air by an invisible hand, and being dusted: he was far too much astonished to cry out, but his eyes and his mouth went on getting larger and larger, and rounder and rounder, till her hand shook so with laughing that she nearly let him drop upon the floor.
`Oh! Please don't make such faces, my dear!' she cried out, quite forgetting that the King couldn't hear her. `You make me laugh so that I can hardly hold you! And don't keep your mouth so wide open! All the ashes will get into it--there, now I think you're tidy enough!' she added, as she smoothed his hair, and set him upon the table near the Queen.

The King immediately fell flat on his back, and lay perfectly still: and Alice was a little alarmed at what she had done, and went round the room to see if she could find any water to throw over him. However, she could find nothing but a bottle of ink, and when she got back with it she found he had recovered, and he and the Queen were talking together in a frightened whisper--so low, that Alice could hardly hear what they said.

The King was saying, `I assure, you my dear, I turned cold to the very ends of my whiskers!'
To which the Queen replied, `You haven't got any whiskers.'

`The horror of that moment,' the King went on, `I shall never, never forget!'

`You will, though,' the Queen said, `if you don't make a memorandum of it.'

Alice looked on with great interest as the King took an enormous memorandum-book out of his pocket, and began writing. A sudden thought struck her, and she took hold of the end of the pencil, which came some way over his shoulder, and began writing for him.

The poor King look puzzled and unhappy, and struggled with the pencil for some time without saying anything; but Alice was too strong for him, and at last he panted out, `My dear! I really must get a thinner pencil. I can't manage this one a bit; it writes all manner of things that I don't intend--'

`What manner of things?' said the Queen, looking over the book (in which Alice had put `The White Knight is Sliding Down the Poker. He Balances very Badly') `That's not a memorandum of your feelings!'

There was a book lying near Alice on the table, and while she sat watching the White King (for she was still a little anxious about him, and had the ink all ready to throw over him, in case he fainted again), she turned over the leaves, to find some part that she could read, `--for it's all in some language I don't know,' she said to herself.

It was like this.


sevot yhtils eht dna ,gillirb sawT`
ebaw eht ni elbmig dna eryg diD
,sevogorob eht erew ysmim llA
.ebargtuo shtar emom eht dnA
She puzzled over this for some time, but at last a bright thought struck her. `Why, it's a Looking-glass book, of course! And if I hold it up to a glass, the words will all go the right way again.'
This was the poem that Alice read.

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

`Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jujub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!'

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought--
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
And stood awhile in thought.

And as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

`And has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Calloh! Callay!'
He chortled in his joy.

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

`It seems very pretty,' she said when she had finished it, `but it's rather hard to understand!' (You see she didn't like to confess, ever to herself, that she couldn't make it out at all.) `Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas--only I don't exactly know what they are! However, somebody killed something: that's clear, at any rate--'

`But oh!' thought Alice, suddenly jumping up, `if I don't make haste I shall have to go back through the Looking-glass, before I've seen what the rest of the house is like! Let's have a look at the garden first!' She was out of the room in a moment, and ran down stairs--or, at least, it wasn't exactly running, but a new invention of hers for getting down stairs quickly and easily, as Alice said to herself. She just kept the tips of her fingers on the hand-rail, and floated gently down without even touching the stairs with her feet; then she floated on through the hall, and would have gone straight out at the door in the same way, if she hadn't caught hold of the door-post. She was getting a little giddy with so much floating in the air, and was rather glad to find herself walking again in the natural way.

Play to raise funds for deaf

I remembered that when I was boring looking around on the websites, and then I found it at Review-Journal advertised from the Fremont Association of Deaf Drama Students. My teacher is the deaf woman named Natalie Grupido who taught us material on the stage and we were practicing every weekend at school. I was playing in "Among the Children" on the stage at the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center. I wish I have a video on the computer to download on here for all of you would like to see me.


Saturday, June 07, 1997

The Fremont Association of Deaf Drama Students and Natalie Grupido will present "Among the Children" in sign language at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center, 1771 Inner Circle Drive. Grupido is a deaf performer, teacher of the deaf and a college instructor. The purpose of the event is to raise money to send underprivileged deaf children to Reno for the Deaf Conference in the fall and to educate the public about deafness.

Tickets are $5 general admission and $2 for children under the age of 12.

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Mary-Kate Olsen in 'Weeds' on the Showtime series.

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Mary-Kate Olsen on the Showtime series Weeds. She plays “good Christian girl” Tara Lindman, and Hunter Parrish plays Silas’ new love interest.

Mary-Kate’s character utters to Parrish’s character: “I can see your boner. Don’t be embarrassed. That’s part of God’s love too.”

Watch the video below of Mary-Kate’s first appearance on Weeds!


In London with sister Ashley to launch a new clothing line, Mary-Kate Olsen shows off her own passion for fashion at the Christie's and Vanity Fair Post-War and Contemporary Art Party on Wednesday.

I love Mary-Kate Olsen! She's a fabulous Gemini-stylist. I am glad that she's back! I would like to see her play more in any movies or TV shows, because I like her the way like more fashion designer or interior designer to me. She's more into artistic person. You know what I mean?

"I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It's so funny. All my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry."

Mary-Kate Olsen, on her secret hobby, to Harper's Bazaar

Busted Tees Website


I love this Centaur of Attention t-shirt!

Click here

I know you love funny t-shirts so I would post this for all of you guys, bitches!

Mikalah Gordon Plays In "THE UNIT" on CBS!

Mikalah's episode of "The Unit" will air on October 30th on CBS! Please check your local listings, it starts at 9pm on the east coast!

"Jonas, Mack and Grey have their hands full keeping a pop diva (Mikalah Gordon) safe from harm, while Bob and a Justice Department escort face extreme danger as they return a prisoner to his own country to face his execution."

Mozilla Firefox Is Better!

Mozilla Firefox
I like Mozilla Firefox window is the greatest! It's a normal every websites! The Internet Explorer is not a greatest support HTML. My blogger is this one that you cannot see my profile in IE, it disappears of the profile on here! You only can see the profile is in Mozilla Firefox. I am like why not both are exact same HTML codes--I mean support sources. I am not quiet sure how to explanation, but I am totally sure all of you guys could understand me well...

Download here

Have a great day!


Albus Dumbledore Is Gay!

Rowling Says Dumbledore Is Gay
The Harry Potter author breaks big news in New York.
Harry Potter author JK Rowling has exposed one of the main characters of her best-selling Harry Potter series, by revealing that wizard Albus Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts school, is gay.

Speaking at Carnegie Hall on Oct 19 in her first U.S. tour in seven years, the author confirmed what fans have long suspected -- that she "always thought Dumbledore was gay.”

After a brief reading from the final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Rowling took questions from the audience.

When a young fan asked if Dumbledore would find "true love", Rowling answered: "Dumbledore is gay".

Dumbledore's sexuality has been a hot topic of speculation on Potter fan sites, after it was noted that the legendary wizard had no female love interest, but that he did have a mysterious past.

Rowling said Dumbledore fell in love with the charming wizard Gellert Grindelwald but when Grindelwald turned out to be more interested in the dark arts than good, Dumbledore was "terribly let down" and went on to wipe out his rival.

That love, she said, was Dumbledore's "great tragedy".

"Falling in love can blind us to an extent," quoted her, as saying.

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Short Trip in California

I went to Apple Valley in California for my grandpa's 90th birthday party at yesterday. These photos I took them, but this are not very well more pictures now...

What a neat viewing of between Nevada and California...!

They are my parents.

This is my younger sister's reading "IT" book by Stephen King.

You're finally got Braz! Yep, it's me!

Sunshine Mountain

This is the motel and the lady works.

Howard Johnson Motel

I will add more pictures later..........

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Fiction Writer's Character Chart

As just once filled out, this chart helps writers get a firm grasp on major characters.

Happy writing! Be creative! You would have so much FUN for started to writing for your own characters. You can make an Anime or Cartoon character for that this.

Example: Character Relationship Chart

Date this chart was completed:
Character's Full Name:
Reason or meaning of name:
Nickname: Reason for nickname:
Astrological Sign:


Age: How old does s/he appear?
Eye Color: Glasses or contacts:
Weight: Height:
Type of body/build:
Skin tone: Skin type:
Shape of face: Distinguishing Marks:
Predominant feature:
Hair color:
Distinguishable hair feature (bald,
receding hairline, etc.):
Type of hair (coarse, fine, thick, etc?)
Character's typical hairstyle:
Looks like:
Is s/he healthy?
If not, why not:
Physical disabilities:


Character's favorite color:
Character's least favorite color:
Favorite Music:
Least favorite Music:
Mode of transportation:
Daredevil or cautious?
Same when alone?


Smokes: What?
When and how much?
Drinks: What?
When and how much?
How does character spend a rainy day?


Type of childhood:
First memory:
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her:


Relationship with her:
Relationship with him:
How many? Birth order:
Relationship with each:
Children of siblings:
Extended family?
Close? Why or why not?


Where does Character work? For how long?
How does s/he feel about co-workers? Get along with co-workers?
Like his/her job? Why or why not?

Character's dream job:


Character's greatest fear:
What is the worst thing that could happen to him/her?
What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil?
Character is most at ease when:
Most ill at ease when:
Depressive or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?
How s/he feels about self:
Past failure s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about:
If granted one wish, what would it be?


Greatest source of strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as
such or not):
Greatest source of weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as
such or not:
Character's soft spot:
Is this soft spot obvious to others?
If not, how does character hide it?
Biggest vulnerability:


Optimist or pessimist: Why?
Introvert or extrovert: Why?
Drives and motivations:
Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:
Good characteristics:
Character flaws:
Biggest regret:
Minor regrets:
Biggest accomplishment:
Minor accomplishments:
Character's darkest secret:
Does anyone else know?
If yes, did character tell them?
If no, how did they find out?


One word CHARACTER would use to describe self:
One paragraph description of how CHARACTER would describe self:
What does CHARACTER consider best physical characteristic?
What does CHARACTER consider worst physical characteristic?
Are these realistic assessments?
If not, why not?
How CHARACTER thinks others perceive him/her:
What four things would CHARACTER most like to change about self? (#1 most
important, #2 second most important, etc.)
If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks?
If not, why not?


Is character divorced?
Has character ever cheated on signficant other?
How does character relate to others?
How is s/he perceived by...
How does character view hero/heroine?
First impression: Why?
What happens to change this perception?
What do family/friends like most about character?
What do family/friends like least about character?


Immediate goals:
Long range goals:
How does character plan to accomplish these goals?
How will other characters be affected?


How character reacts in a crisis:
How character faces problems:
Kinds of problems character usually runs into:
How character reacts to NEW problems:
How character reacts to change:


Favorite clothing: Why?
Least favorite clothing: Why?
Other accessories:
Where does character live?
Where does character want to live?
Spending habits (frugal, spendthrift, etc): Why?
What does s/he do too much of?
Too little of?
Most prized possession: Why?
Play musical instrument? Which?
How did s/he learn?


Person character secretly admires:
Person character was most influenced by:
Most important person in character's life before story starts:
How does character spend the week before the story starts?

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Autumn Love

Two lovers are separated in different dimensions.
A jealous lover holds the key to bridge the gap.
Music and love are the only ways to communicate;
With the speed of love, blooming doors open.

Film by ColdCity on deviantART

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Want a Piece of Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker was born on December 07, 1987. He is an openly gay Tennessee-based YouTube and MySpace personality and self-described edutainer who produces and acts in transgressive videos. His work consists mainly of short-form self-directed "monologues about life" shot in his grandparents' home. As of October 2007, Crocker's videos have received a combined 34.9 million plays on MySpace, and his vlog channel on YouTube is the 15th most viewed of all time in all categories, with over 42 million views.

“My Granny saw you on Kimmel and thought you were a pretty girl...She was confused as fuck when I told her you didnt have a va jay jay !”

- D?VE
(Myspace URL:

I just love what he has said to Chris about his grandma saw Chris on Jimmy Kimmel tv show. How adorable he is... Eh? D?VE is a super comedian. I bet he is a comedian gentleman, dude.

This above left photo is Chris Crocker taken by Austin Young. I cannot believe that he's an incredible beautiful younger man--I mean girlie... I just saw him on MySpace profile is where he posted a photo of himself. Austin is a good photographer for all that. I guess. I've never seen his work, but I am probably sure of that he is an awesome. I love this background is because it seems more angel as he is, and this also is too emotionally about him in realism life. I hope you'd know what I mean.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jumper the Movie (2008)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Show and Well at Deaf Day 1998

J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y - 1 9 9 8

Show and Well At Deaf Day

by Debra Luongo and Peter Tang
Fremont Middle School

Las Vegas, Nevada

Deaf Day exhibition shows all kinds of information about deaf
Student Frank Young sets a "Deaf alarm clock."Stephanie Herrera and Ashley DeSimone check the sign-up schedule to see
when the next
visitors arrive.

There are 1500 students in our school and only 30 of us are deaf and hard of hearing. We wanted to educate
our hearing peers. We wanted to teach them that we are not stupid. We can do anything that a hearing person can do.

With help from our teachers—Elizabeth Adamson, Natalie Grupido, and Gary Hand—we set up the Deaf Exposition Room. We displayed many
things there. We had the history of the TTY, which included a real first 1967 TTY. We had a table display of modern ttys that
people could try. We also had a bed with various vibrating and light alarms, close-captioned TV, and videos showing Deaf history,
sign language and Deaf Mosaic. We had a "thunderchair," which is a chair hooked up to a television and radio so that people can
feel sounds.

We had lots of books on Deaf people, Deaf history, Deaf arts, Deaf magazines, and Deaf sports. Also we had a Deaf wall set up in
the cafeteria. On this wall, we put all the successful Deaf people that we researched.
We also put up our own "Deaf Myths and Facts." Then we put up our own "Deaf quotes" about why we like to be Deaf and to use sign

People enjoyed the Deaf Exposition Room. For two weeks last fall, classes of hearing students, newspaper writers, and TV reporters
came to visit.

"I enjoyed teaching the hearing students about Deaf culture," said Brian Lazenby, eigth grade.

"I like to teach signs," agreed Archie Gatbonton and Jocelyn Mclennan.

"I liked...using the thunderchair!" said Peter Tang.

We worked hard as a team to teach others about our unique world. We are proud of ourselves, the work we did, the success we
experienced, and our unique Deaf world.


This is a long time ago when I was a seven grade in the middle school with the deaf students, as two deaf teachers and the hearing teacher. I've remembered that there's hearing students were too interesting and learning about the deaf culture, as plus they think the deaf people can do it! Yep! See, I can do post this one like that what I mean however you've seen them as well as in the whole world. There's some hatred kids in school, and they threated me such a bad hurtful. I'd NEVER forget what happen to the deaf girl got hit by a hearing boy during after school. It was a horrible situation. I felt like that there's the world is hatred us so much, but the God created us for a very good reason! I thought I would like to post this Show and Well at Deaf Day in 1998. I am sure you guys would enjoy to learn more stuff as much fun though.
Don't forget that you're ROCK! I've known that you don't know me very well, but I just want to cheer you up and I like to see you feel too comfortable around while you're walking on the land.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Grammar Blog

This is a great blog for the hearing and deaf people to learn more better. I am learning more of her work about how to do correct a grammar or a punctuation (guess so) in the sentence. You know I am not a great writer, but I love to be a writer. You guys should read her blog of The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation site. It's I am working on the book and the photos those are needing to describe like where this come from, when and what. Glenn is an excellent motivation. I am too tired now, but I want to started to writing right now is because I want to accomplish my work with Glenn.

Be Happiness. Be Excite! Be Cool! Be Fun! Be Motivate! Be Creative!

You Rock, guys, as ever! You've already known that you are! I don't care what the hatred people said about you or whatever they even think of that. Just ignore what they said to you. Anyway. This is not a point at a time now! (Chuckling)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

My roommate/friend and I went to Red Rock casino for theater movie to see Resident Evil: Extinction. It was fucking awesome and so much fun!! I had have a great time to watching it. I love Milla Jovovich as a good actress. She's such a beautiful woman. I am very happy about last night! I didn't pay it and I already bought a dvd with free ticket! Whoo! You should watch that damn amazing movie!!!!!!!!!!! FUN!!! Look that a picture here:

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