Saturday, March 29, 2008

NEW! Smallville Season 7: Descent

The most suspenseful scene that you have seen...some pictures on here; the episode is called "Descent", and something major happens. The CW has released new Smallville on April 17th!

Lex pushes his own father Lionel out of the window by his office or somewhere in the building. I think Lex kills him. I don't know yet...

Major Spoiler!

Clark seems seriously disappoint and angry and sad.

Lex and Clark at the funeral cemetery by unknown whom (maybe Lionel's buried), and they became mortal enemies.

Lex looks like not care at all...

The secret of Veritas leads Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) in a dangerous direction that will put Clark (Tom Welling) and Lex in each others’ crosshairs. There is a major power struggle and one character dies. Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Laura Vandervoort, Aaron Ashmore and John Glover also star. Ken Horton directed the episode written by Don Whitehead & Holly Hendersen.

I cannot hardly wait to see it!
"Descent" is the mysterious part of the episode...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pearls Before Swine: Great Pumpkin, My Fanny.

Ah! This is Linus from Peanuts, my mom used to call me Linus, because I always adored my pillow and the bedtime bear also when I was a child. I am laughing this a hilarious comic strip 'Pearls Before Swine'.

I love it!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


To my friend, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sorry, I’ve tried to taken a picture of St. Patrick, but I am not done with colors on it yet. I am willing to trying to do it, because I love the green and I am an Irish person. It’s very fun thing to do. I know you do too. I don’t have to worry about my draw picture. I posted this picture by gamingaddictmike125. He’s very amazing created this beautiful shamrock with cool background. WOW!

Have a GREATEST celebrating day!

Take Care!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweet 16 Is In the Angel Woman's Thoughts.

The first one about girl is an angel has black angel wings, which above signed 'Sweet 16', and it means finding a path of life for your own live life. Travel life with passion. Happy Thoughts on Happiness.

This is my young sister and a present painted from me. She said likes it! I am very glad that she likes it.

This is a real artist Braz and the lovely angel girl picture painted.

There's done what I did painted this board. Incredible. How it looks beautiful and emotion. I used a watercolor painting, color pencils, gloss medium covered the board makes looking neat, graphitkreide, and some magazines which looks good on you. It's finding match your taste and style too.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sicking. Cranky. Pleasure. Short Story.

This late morning around between 2:04 and 5:40 o'clock, I have had a horrible sleeping and restless on the black futon mattress, stood up and took out of the bed. I feel like so shit... I am in a sick mood now, but at least I feel better a little bit soon. I hate an itchy throat bit.

I am tearing lots of papers in my bedroom, and I finding something from the past in high school in Creative Writing class, named Emily Weeteling, student, wrote a short story called unknown from my illustrating pictured of the quiet-elf girl, the alike firefly ball and a young angel boy with halo. I am going to typewriting on here for everyone is you are enjoying reading our short story. It's a fantasy fiction and it's a project homework.
(No Image, I cannot show you my precious character ones)

~Short Story~

Unknown title

So I was flying along, minding my own business, when I suddenly find myself running into a wall. 'Wait, that's not right' I think to myself. 'I'm in the middle of the forest. There are no walls in the forest'. So I look up and sure enough, no wall. Carefully, I inch my way forward and find, yes, there is something there. But I cannot see it. This is interesting, maybe I've reached the end of the earth. The rest is just a backdrop... then it shorts to get dark, but much too quickly. Something must be blocking the sun- a bird! But as I turn around I see a huge hand closing the lid to a... Oh no! I've been caught! It's not the end of the earth, I'm caught in a jar! Desterbingly quickly, a boys eye pops up beside me. Those humans, always sneaking up on you. I can't believe I was actually caught. Well I'm done for now, he'll probably tear my wings off slowly and then discard my poor dying body somewhere... Oh this is horrid! I must get out! Maybe if I could just - "Hey!" - wow that was loud. Must be the human. Now, where was I? "Hey! Hey you, firefly!" Pish Posh. Nosey humans. Disrupting my escape plane, wait, he said 'firefly', is he talking to me? "Yes of course I am talking to you, is there anyone else in this forest worth talking to? Aside from Ladybug, but she is obviously not a firefly."

...wait a minute, since when can humans talk to, well, anyone other then humans?

"Have you lived in this forest all your life or something? Cause your a bit behind on current events." Hey! Human!" I yell at him. "Stop invading my thoughts!" He almost drops the jar I'm trapped in, rolling with laughter. "I'm not invading your thoughts! Your talking out loud." "Oh." Drat. Sometimes I do that. Very bothersome.

By Emily Weeteling

What do you think? I think it's a charm humor and cute.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jobs for Deaf - Employment Discrimination and Deafness

Job Searching Frustrations of Deaf/HOH

From the time deaf and hard of hearing children are young, they are told that it is a "hearing" world. And it is hearing people who do most of the hiring in the working world when deaf and hard of hearing people search for jobs.

Deaf Job Searchers Try to Hide It

I am aware that to improve their chances of finding employment, some deaf and hard of hearing job searchers tailor their resumes to hide the fact they have a hearing loss. There is no way I can hide it on mine. It would take someone with the brains of a gnat to not be able to figure it out from my resume.

Personal Job Search Frustrations

I have experienced suspected job searching discrimination. When I finished my second degree at Gallaudet University in December 1996, I had an interview at a company that called me back for a "second" interview.

The "second" interview wasn't really an interview at all - they introduced me to some people who worked at the company. Those people were clearly uncomfortable communicating with a deaf person, and an interpreter was not provided. Needless to say, I did not get the job. Eventually I realized I had to have interpreting services for the job search, and hooked up with Vocational Rehabilitation for that purpose.

Relay Services and Deaf Job Searchers

In addition, there have been companies that called the voice number on my resume, and then after discovering I was deaf and/or experiencing a relay service call, did not call again. I have lost some really good jobs as a deaf job searcher because of this. Plus, there have been times when companies said they would call but they did not. (Of course I can't be sure that all of this was because of my being deaf, but I think some suspicion is reasonable.)

Today deaf people have other options available to them; they can use personal relay phone numbers such as the My IP Relay Number ( This number is a real voice number and employers who see it on a resume do not know that the applicant is deaf/hoh until they call. This avoids "giving away" the fact the applicant is deaf through having a TTY number and relay number on the resume because the deaf applicant can list the personal relay phone number instead. Most importantly, deaf applicants can have immediate communication with the employer calling.

CSDVRS also offers a personal 800 number. This personal 800 number enables the video relay interpreter to immediately connect to the deaf person's videophone or webcam. This number can also be put on resumes.

There has been discussion in the past on the internet that some employers apparently view deaf/hoh people as "walking interpreter bills." I put out a call in this site's newsletter, About Deafness , for other deaf and hard of hearing people to share their stories of suspected job search discrimination. Some people responded, as seen below:

Even VR Couldn't Get Me a Job

"When I was 24 I lost my hearing (all in one ear and I need an aid in the other). At 28 I went to College to take two years of Word Processing. After I graduated, (I was hooked up with the program DORS Department of Rehabilitation Services.) They told me to hand out a paper that stated to a prospective employer that DORS would reimburse them for four weeks of wages if after that time I did not work out for them. I was NOT taken up on that offer by a single interviewer. But how can you say it's discrimination? It might have been that I didn't type fast enough or my nylons had a run or some such thing! Who knows? But yes, it was very frustrating! Before my cancer, stroke and subsequent hearing loss, I never had a problem getting a job that I applied for!"

Deaf Employee Has Difficulty Getting Transferred

My girlfriend is profoundly deaf and both of us work at [a well-known chain]. She has worked in a sales department before, assisting customers. After working in the computer room and then as a cashier, she wanted to transfer into the garden department. She had to take a computer based test to move from cashier to a department. She, of course, did not pass cuz the questions were directed towards hearing people. I am hearing, and would have no problem answering the questions. but if she recieved questions such as "if you are helping a customer, others are waiting, and then your phone rings, which do you take care of first?" First of all, she can't understand voices even with her hearing aid, so she won't be on the phone. as far as the multiple customers, it is impossible to read 2 people's lips at the same time. so since most of those questions were like that, she failed. After telling me about it, i insisted that she speak to the one manager demanding a retest with fair questions.

This is in no way saying that the [well-known chain] is an unfair company to work for, but their "job preference program" needs to be redone to accomodate their deaf associates.

Deaf Job Searcher Loses to Hearing Job Searcher

This is a story which happened to a friend of mine. He is hard-of-hearing and uses strong PSE. He had applied for a job working with young deaf children in a mainstream progam through our local [school district]. There were 2 positions vacant and 3 people applied. They had him show up for an interview and had him spend a day with the student in class. After that, he was never called back. The [district] ended up hiring the other two people (hearing), one had minimal signing skills and the other was a house-wife from the local community who never even knew how to sign! Eventually, the [district] realized she wasn't going to work out, so they fired her just before her probation time was up (90 days according to the Union rules).

All during this lady's time of hire, my friend went and made sure he was "hire-worthy".

He checked to see if there was some kind of "glitch" in his application process. None was found. The [district] still had the position posted...they never called him back. Three quarters of the way through the school year... a CODA finally applied and got the job.

Deafblind Professional's Frustration

I am deafblind and a computer professional.

I was laid off from the job due to office restruction. Since the last day, I have been faxing and emailng my resumes to recruiters and now am taking computer classes to upgrade my skills. At the beginning, I used the relay number along with my phone number on the resumes and I didn't receive any phone calls. Then I left out the phone number and replaced with my email addresses. I got many good results from the recruiters asking me to call them using their phone numbers. Sometimes, I would disclose myself that I'm hearing impaired and using the relay operators. So many times, I heard nothing from them after the calls. Very few times, the recruiters would email me with list of questions. One time there was a job opening for a help desk analyst and I had a very good talk with the recruiter and at the end all of a sudden this job required managerial experience.

It seems that many recruiters first probably realize that I use the relay operators regardless I mentioned of my deafness or not and they usually screened me out and overlooked things I have pretty good computer skills and work history. I am continuing looking for job openings over the internet. My favorite job search is because I got many replies from the recruiters and I had a few job interviews. My job counselor has excellent job networking with companies and government agenies.

Operations Manager Can't Get Promotion

My husband who is deaf has been an Operations Manager for 7 years with a company that teaches vocational training for the disabled. He does not have a degree but has been a very loyal employee and is willing to do everything they throw at him. A certain position became open on three seperate occassions all of which he applied for. His boss told him that he was not qualified. This, despite his 7 years with the company and the fact that she herself had just been promoted without a degree. They ended up filing the position with a staff less qualified than my husband. They later had to let her go only to fill the position with another applicant that was eventually let go. We thought by this time he would be a shoe in. Of course this did not happen and they went with a staff from another office that was looking to transfer closer to home. During his search outside of his current company, I received a call from a perspective employer via the relay service, I answerd for him and as him and was surprised when she told me (under the assumption she was speaking with my husband)I wasn't what they were looking for. I was angered and asked "Didn't you look at my resume before you called?" She responded yes, and I then questioned why, if after seeing my qualificatins on my resume would you call me if I wasn't qualified. What had changed." Her only response was that she was just calling to check. He is still at the same company but still seeking other opportunities including furthering his education.

Viewed as Stupid?

I feel that I am being disciminated at work since I am the only one with a hearing loss in both ears soon as I told people that I have a hearing loss is when they started looking at me like I was stupid, quit paying attention to me and do not take me seriously .... I see more and more how this world is so cruel . I am now looking into finding a job where ... people are not perfect. I would rather work with people that have disabilities and that know they are not perfect then work with people that are so high up there perfection.... not all the people are like that but I find that most of them are .... Is anybody else in this same boat ?

Also, there have been lawsuits and complaints filed by deaf and hard of hearing job searchers against companies that they claim did not hire them or give them a fair chance at jobs:

Stymied by Blatant Discrimination

I had assumed that having a Master's degree in xxxxx and passing xxx exam would impress any employer when I graduated from the university.

I had applied to many places where the Master's degree and xxx were required for the position. I knew I had met all the requirements. I had sent out the resumes, cover letters and applications. I made sure all my resumes, cover letters and applications had no mistakes before I sent them out. There was no one job interview in 7 months!

I decided to call different people and asked them what was wrong with my resumes, applications, etc.. Their responses were that they had already filled in the position months ago. I was suspicious that they decided to discriminate against me because I put down TTD/Voice number and Relay number on all of my resumes and applications. After investigating the newly hired employees, I was stunned that all of them were hearing, couldnt sign well and knew very little about Deaf culture. I was furious but I kept on searching until someone opened the door and gave me the chance. Finally, I was hired. Several months, I met a woman at the conference and knew her because I applied for the position at her company a year before. I decided to walk up to her and ask her flatly about why she didnt want to interview me at all. She admitted that she wanted a hearing person! I became furious at her ignorance about deafness. This woman should not be allowed to work with people with disabilities with that kind of thinking she had! Anyway, I interrupted her and said, "Hearing!!! That's what I thought!" She didn't say any more. She knew she was wrong. I decided to think in another positive way. I figured I should be glad not to work for that woman because she would not be a good employer! That kept me going. I am still working at this place where the opportunity is given to me, and I am going to give this agency my 100 percent best!

Are you deaf or hard of hearing and have you experienced suspected discrimination in the hiring process? Send your stories to your guide for inclusion in future revisions of this article.

I checked on the Internet and it opened a window, typing "Jobs" on search engine in awhile I am frustrated looking all the world wide webs, and I decided to typing "Deaf Jobs in Las Vegas" or not. I noticed a link 'Jobs for Deaf - Employment Discrimination and Deafness', click it and I entered the page to read all the article. I did applied different jobs at the sites. I have no luck finding a job when I suspected discrimination in the hiring process from Toy World near the casinos by downtown Las Vegas Boulevard. The lady didn't email back to me, because I told her that I am deaf which I interested in it, but there's no choice to get a better job myself. I stubbornly applying any jobs at the stupid websites.

- Braz

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Braz's Short Stuido

Welcome to my short studio room, as not much showing you guys all of this pictures, but that what I am doing stuff n' books .
Writing. Drawing. Working. Thinking.

There are wild papers on my carpet floor by the bed behind then.

This is self-portrait picture of me called Braz Wedui.

This is my hall closet of the books are my hobby is reading n' learning.

These sloppy stuffiest things are my hobby. I love to do something on research books, my memories things and some arts.